Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set
Elite KinBands Set

Elite KinBands Set

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  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Anti-Slip Handles
  • Comfortable Ankle Bands
  • Durable Door Anchor 
  • Convenient Storage Bags
  • 10lb Pro KinBand (Red)
  • 20lb Pro KinBand (Blue)
  • 30lb Pro KinBand (Black) 
  • 40lb Pro KinBand (Orange)
  • 50lb Pro KinBand (Gray)
  • Extra-Light Mini Loop KinBand (Green) 
  • Light Mini Loop KinBand (Blue) 
  • Medium Mini Loop KinBand (Yellow)
  • Heavy Mini Loop KinBand (Red) 
  • Extra-Heavy Mini Loop KinBand (Black)

No gym? No problem. The KINVINCIBLE family is here to help you get fit in the comfort of your own home. Build your own personal home gym with the 17 piece Elite KinBands Set. Not only can you exercise anytime and anywhere, but you can target every muscle group!

Our collection consists of resistance bands that are 48” inches in length and can be used alone or stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs. 

Our collection also includes loop bands that are the perfect solution for a convenient, on-the go workout without all of the expensive workout equipment or the hassle of going to the gym.

IDEAL FOR - losing weight, shredding fat, maintaining lean muscle mass, lowering body fat, building endurance, and living a happier and healthier life.

 WORK OUT WHEREVER, WHENEVER - Take your workouts to the next level! Instead of working out in the same boring place every day, you can exercise at home, at the park, at the beach, and even while traveling. 

CUSTOMIZABLE RESISTANCE LEVEL - Our Elite KinBands Set is perfect for everyone. Choose the weight that best suits your fitness needs. Adjust the resistance level up to 150 lbs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our Elite KinBands Set will deliver results that are incredibly effective!

GET FIT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME - Why pay for an expensive gym membership? Why go through the hassle of driving to the gym? With the Elite KinBand Set, you can do all exercises that you can do at the gym. Get a full body workout to target all muscle groups right in your living room! 

HIGH QUALITY, PREMIUM MATERIAL - Our Elite KinBands Set are made of 100% natural latex. Most other companies are selling resistance bands that are made out of TPE, which do not last nearly as long as our natural latex. 

LIMITED STOCK - Our Elite KinBands Set is selling out at a rapid pace due to the COVID-19 pandemic and gym shut downs. Please be patient when we sell out. We are trying our absolute best to keep stock available. Buy yours now while supplies last!

We understand that our world is going through a trying time, but don't let ANYTHING get in the way  of your health and happiness.